Juliet Mgborukwe has shared more photos of conversations she had with her estranged husband, Chima Ojukwe where was begging her not divorce him.

The actress and mother of two took to her Instagram page on Thursday, July 12, 2018, where she shared a series of chat conversations she allegedly had with her now estranged husband. In one of the chats, he begged her to stop the divorce proceedings, promising to turn a new leaf.

"If I was so much of a bad person like you claimed, why were you and your family begging me to come back after I left (#ProofAbove). Because I stood my grounds this time and you saw your trite begging didn't work no more, you resorted to low and porous lies. Typical of psychotic abusers like you. To everyone I have disappointed by putting this out, I am sorry, I know y’all said I should ignore but you will understand when you are the one wearing the shoes.

"On this note, Chima you can put out anything you want from here on, I will never respond to your lies, I made my mistakes with you, but for my beautiful children, I regret all else and I sure learnt the hardest way. I am in a happy place in my life right now and I won’t let your negativity pull me down. I wish you all the best in life and I do hope you get the help you need because deep down inside of me, I believe you are mentally unstable," she captioned one of the chat messages.

This is coming barely 48 hours after Juliet's estranged husband had accused her of cheating and sleeping around for money.

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Juliet Mgborukwe's husband says she was sleeping around

A few days ago, Juliet Mgborukwe's estranged husband, Chima Ojukwe alleged that his wife was sleeping around for money. He made this known in a series of photos and conversations between Juliet and her alleged lovers via his Instagram page on Tuesday, July 10, 2018. According to him, she was sleeping around for money and even got beaten by one of her lovers.

"Now these are her cheating texts while married as you can see the first one is from the same dude that beat her up and kicked her out the apartment, the second one she’s asking for money from some Nigerian guy like the one I was giving her wasn’t enough, money greedy woman if she’s a woman at all, third one is the divorce paper I filed now she claimed she’s set to divorce me lol, so tell me who’s actually the petitioner on here?... Swipe," he captioned one of the photos.