In recent years, she has been in Nigeria quite often shooting videos, attending events and carrying out different projects.

Now, Ibrahim in a recent interview with, dishes on her childhood, Instagram, music, acting, what keeps her coming back and much more!

"Nigerians welcomed me into their industry with open arms without caring about my nationality, so Nigeria is my second home and I am in the process of bringing the Juliet Ibrahim Foundation as well as some other businesses I run to Nigeria. That will bring me more to Nigeria," she said.

Talking about balancing her work, social obligations and relationships she had this to say,

"I live one day at a time, I make out time for work and for all my engagements and I’m doing just fine. It’s just a matter of making out your schedule to work in your favour."

Juliet Ibrahim recently took to the streets of Ghana to raise awareness on Kidney cancer.

The singer shared pictures from the walk on Instagram and highlights from from the event which took place on Thursday, March 10, 2016 on her YouTube page.

Ibrahim recently joined top footballers led by star player,Cristiano Ronaldo to show her support of the inclusion of women at at The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).

Watch the highlights from her Kidney Cancer road walk above and more below.