In her own way, she has created the hash tag #MakurdiFloodReliefChallenge which is a way to challenge a lot of people to help donate both money and relief materials.

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Among those who have gone the "good Samaritan" way towards the plight of the flood victims is Made Men Music Group C.E.O Ubi Franklin.

He posted a video on his Instagram page appealing to his friends and fans to also come to the aid of the people of Benue.

In her appreciation, Juliet Ibrahim took to her Instagram page to thank the Triple M G boss for his kind donations to her foundation by posting his video.

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Many fans of the beautiful actress only recently got to know about the hot sizzling relationship she has going with rapper Iceberg Slim.

The two seem not to be hiding their relationship from the eyes of prying public. In June 2016, she accompanied him to Osun state, for the burial of his mother. Juliet Ibrahim is a frequent visitor to Nigeria where she has starred in a number of movies.