Popular Ghanaian actor John Dumelo, Saturday, posted on Facebook, rehashing how he miraculously escaped death at the hands of armed robbers who stopped his car in Owerri.

In the post, he revealed that the robbery took place while he was going back to his hotel room after filming a movie.

He wrote that the robbers blocked his car and were about to shoot him before his driver sped off, leaving their attackers stunned till they drove out of sight.

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Read the full post below:

"Yesterday we were attacked by armed robbers on our way back to the hotel from filming in Nigeria. The robbers wearing black, blocked the car we were in, got down with their guns and walked towards our car.

"It was God who took over the wheel. Our driver swerved and sped off. They just stood there watching. As if to say 'these are not the people we have to rob'. Anything could have happened to us. My brothers and sisters, there is God! Believe in Him and He shall protect you. I thank God for my life and the lives of my fellow actresses in the car. #Jesustookthewheel #praiseGod".