When the trailer for his feature on Olisa Adibua’s chat special, ‘The Truth’ was made public two weeks ago, many new a storm was coming. The Nigerian media whipped up a frenzy, anticipating the release of something special.

And oh my, D’banj did make it special. The Kokomaster is not one to shy away from a good chance at being heard. He has spent 10 years in rising to the top of African music, and the last three has been a constant struggle to maintain his place. His label was disbanded and all he had was Oliver Twist single which he had milked to its utmost.

Making his job more difficult was the public perception that he had abandoned his friend and brother, Don Jazzy, for the bright lights of America, and Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music. Nigerians poured negative sentiments his way, dogging his every effort with scorn, derision, and hostility.

But with his 10 anniversary rolling in, amidst the reports of bankruptcy and debt payments gone wrong, the singer has revealed his story on the breakup of Mo’Hits.

D’banj according to his story, had grown too big for Mo’Hits, attracting the envy and scorn of the other label mates, so they ganged up, and pushed him out. Breaking up the business in the process.

Leading the charge was Don Jazzy who teamed up with his faithful lieutenant, Dr Sid, and drew in the others D’Prince, Wande Coal, and even Kay Switch. Together they pushed him into the cold, leaving him with nothing to pick up the scraps.

Dr Sid was a major culprit fingered. The young man signed by D’banj, even with the protestation of Don Jazzy, had grown discontent with his role in the family, and wanted a coup. He wanted D’banj out, with intent to usurp the throne as the shining light of the family.

“Of course you will miss somebody. Even if you date somebody one day, two days. Not to talk of kids that I grew up with. I pretty much signed every one of them. Every one that  was sigend on Mohits, I did.  In Jazzy’s words he always points fingers: ‘Na you dey bring this one come o, if e fumble na you.

“Even Dr Sid, he over-enforced me about it that why, why, why? But I said listen man, this guy is a talented guy.

But Dr Sid’s discontent created bad blood which rose to a point where he was caught on tape lambasting the success of D’banj and requesting that he be kicked out.

“Why don’t they know my name, because your brand and your star is too big, it is big, it was overshadowing us”. Sid can be heard on the recording, in a loud argument with Davido.

“Tanzania and Nairobi who dey call? Na D’banj na…But D’banj did more negative than positive for my career.”

Dr Sid’s dislike for D’banj is a well-known tale in the halls of Nigerian music, and it isn’t a big deal. But the case of Don Jazzy is one which hasn’t truly been revealed. According to the DB Records boss, He tried to save Mo’Hits, pleading for an extra 6 months for calmness and reason ton prevail. But that was not to be. Don Jazzy was eager to let him go, and made that known in very stern terms.

“Don Jazzy said ‘If I dey go for road now, if I hear radio, and I hear your voice, I go change the station.”

Don Jazzy has in the wake of the departure been comfortable in his role of ‘victim’. He was perceived to be the wronged one. The guy dumped by D’banj for Kanye West. And it’s so easy for him. He was less popular, he was the underdog, and possessing a gentle look and a fatherly mien would earn you good points in the hearts of many.

D’banj’s revelations cast him in a less glorious light. In reality, he is the villain of the story. Pushing his partner out with acrimony, and refusing to meet him halfway. Commandeering his artistes and leading a takeover of some sort.

Such is the cold calculation of the man who many love and admire for his ‘good’ heart and amazing music. The new story by D’banj is a smear upon this image, and the onus is on him to clear his name. Knowing Don Jazzy and his penchant for silence, he will sit this one out, which isn’t the best option.

Don Jazzy’s silence, were it to continue wouldn’t be golden, with each moment that pass by, he will be cast in evil light. Him and Dr Sid.

He needs to act fast. Perhaps, ‘The Truth’ by Don Jazzy?