Joan Rivers is no more but new details are surfacing as to how she may have spent her last hours before the doomed vocal surgery.

Apparently the legendary comedian hinted a problem with her voice in what may now be the last audio recording she made before the failed treatment for her vocal cords.

Hours before Rivers went into Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic for an elective procedure on her vocal cords, she did a test audio recording for her friend and occasional opening act, Brad Zimmerman.

She was heard saying, 'My voice has been bothering me... I don't know what it is.'

Later that day Rivers went to fix her problem and  a week later, she had passed away.

According to The Post, she had volunteered to make a radio ad for Zimmerman's off-Broadway show, 'My Son the Waiter, a Jewish Tragedy.'

Hear how Joan Rivers sounded just hours before she went into a coma: