Jim Iyke is finally letting all of his fans, admirers and even the nosy followers on social media when he will be getting married.

During an exclusive interview with PULSE, the talented actor said his marital and personal life has become a major topic of discussion on social media which he feels shouldn't be so.

"I just knew you guys were going to ask this question but this is what I find interesting, people have asked why do I wear a wedding band and my very humble response is the way I have operated in the last few years, I decide what I want people to know not the other way round. When you come to my Instagram page, people wonder why I don’t put up my son’s picture often but I said no, it doesn’t work that way, my son is another entity, a human being, I chose this path, he didn’t. What if he grows up and doesn’t want to be in the limelight like me, I want to give him a fair chance to decide what he wants out of life without intrusion or scrutiny, not me putting him in the life I have chosen," he said.

He went to reveal that when the time comes for him to tie the knot, he would let everyone in on it.

"There are three parts of everyone’s life you must try to adhere to survive and longevity, the public, the private and secret. I woke up one day and at the point of birth, I shared with the world that I am having a son but nobody knew for nine months or that I’m having the son with even a Caucasian woman, so that is how I live my life. I could have been married for three years and nobody knows, the day I am good at ready, I will share, the day I am also good to say I am not married, I will share and until then, keep guessing," he concluded.

This might be the final cure for those keep coming for the actor on social media over his marital status.

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Jim Iyke goes hard on some nosy followers on Instagram

In February 2018, some nosy followers of Jim Iyke on Instagram got what they didn't envisage as the actor came hard on them for poking in his personal life. Jim Iyke had posted a photo of himself on Instagram on Monday, February 26, 2018, hopefully waiting to get the usual applauds, well, looked like some of his fans weren't so impressed with his outfit and some even questioned his unending bachelorhood.

"Go and marry naw, with all Dis swag, go marry joor," one of the fans wrote. Guess what guys? Jim Iyke went all ballistic on the fan with insults.

"Take away the stumpy footballer legs, the double chin, the beer belly, the humongous chimp head, the beady eyes, cheap clothes, the poisonous attitude, broke pockets, non-existent neck, body odour, 34IQ, Dragon breath, constant depression and zero prospects just maybe I might make a move for you and get it over with, " he replied the fan.