On Saturday, September 19, 2015 Iyanya launched his third solo album '' at This Day Dome in Abuja.

While Iyanya performed the latest songs from his album, the guests at the VIP section were fuming over the shoddy treatment they got. According to the people at the VIP section of the album launch concert, they only get a bottle Hennessy and groundnut after paying N400,000.

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Pictures of the VIP tables went viral, and people wondered how after paying a large sum the people in the VIP section only got groundnut and Hennessy.

Iyanya's manager Ubi Franklin has responded to the negative comments online. "Go and check Iyanya’s promotion for the album, we did not promise anybody that we would put anything on the table" he said.

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"If you are sitting on the table, it is premium. Iyanya gave them a proper show for three hours. Iyanya and I were not in charge of what would be put on the table” he further told Punch before rudely cutting the call.

After launching his album Iyanya bought a black Bentley last week.

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