According to the “Maba” rapper, it’s a great sin to perform coitus interruptus because angels watch over during sex and would be a waste of time when one pulls out.

He said it’s also wrong to commit abortion after sex because the only purpose of the act is to reproduce.

“If you are going to have sex and you know that you will abort when it results in pregnancy, please, don't go in for the sex,” he told Abeiku Santana on Okay FM.

“Stay away from sex until you are ready to take care of the baby. Other than that, you will have sex and might think you are having fun, but sex is not meant for fun. Sex is meant for reproduction.”

He claimed two angels watch over couple during sex – and during this period they create babies out of it, therefore, performing coitus interruptus will be a waste of time.

“It's a great sin to have sex and abort the pregnancy. It's a sin to perform coitus interruptus because you wasted the time of angels who want to help new creation to come to life.”

“Angels guard us in whatever we do so when having sex, angels are present to watch over. Two angels stand by couples when they are having sex,” he added.

Watch Ex Doe talk about the purpose of sex and why no one should commit abortion and coitus interruptus below.