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The post the actor shared today, April 29, 2016, comes after Flavour's revealing interview, where he opens up on his fears that marriage would affect his career, negatively.

Ogbonna reveals in his sweet but sensitive post that his life had taken an amazing turn after he had gotten married to his wife.

The Nollywood actor shared a black and white loved up, sexy snap of himself and his wife, commenting:

"Who ever said u can't make it when u marry lied to y'all .The reason I smile so hard ... When u find a good wife U obtain Favour in the sight of God with some flavor.

"My life took an amazing turn when I met my wife Seemed like everything before her was just a fading experience.When u find a good wife nothing can ever go wrong with ur life ...

"You can only get better. @sonialareinaa Shoutout to every good woman praying for their men, supporting them and always there to hold them when d falling."

Ogbonna ended his speech with a sweet shout out to Morales and every prayerful and supporting lady out there, buttressing his point quite well.

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Of course there have been a lot of successful celebrity marriages even though the break ups and divorces are quickly becoming a norm.

Watch Ik Ogbonna in movie trailer below: