Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna who is married to the sexy hot Columbian Sonia Ogbonna has boasted about his wife's qualities.

According to him his wife can not only speak eighteen languages, she can also speak the Igbo language as well. In an interview with New Telegraph IK Ogbonna described the mother of his son as 'intelligent'.

"My woman is God-fearing. She is very intelligent; she speaks about 18 languages. She is a fast learner, already speaking Igbo. She is someone that believes in positivity, she doesn’t allow any form of negativity in our relationship. We don’t fight; we are like best of friends. Most of the time, we put aside the fact that we are in a relationship, we are very good friends, and we go out together. We do everything that I will probably do with my home boy" IK Ogbonna told New Telegraph.

The actor also spoke about what his wife does. "She is doing her masters. She is an interpreter. She works with people in government. She is also a life coach. She coaches me through life and I listen to her a lot."

IK Ogbonna revealed that Sonia will relocate to Nigeria when she completes her masters. "Definitely, as husband and wife, she will have to relocate here at some point. But for now, we have not made any definite decision on that. She has to finish her masters, which is very important. We have to look for what’s best for us and decide on that."

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IK and Sonia will have their church wedding next year in Nigeria. Watch Pulse TV video for more on their marriage.