Former Big Brother Naija star, Ifu Ennada says she almost dated a guy some few months ago, but his low self-esteem was incurable hence the collapse of the relationship.

Ifu Ennada was a guest at PULSE where she got to talk about what she has been up to. When asked about her relationship status, the beautiful actress revealed that she was not only single but ready to mingle.

"I am not dating anyone but I want a boyfriend. Honestly, the truth is that I want to date not because of the money but because I can take care of myself. I want to date because I need a companion. Sometimes I come back from work and meetings or sometimes it could just be some mental and physical work I'm doing in my house and I could just need some hug," she said.

Then she went on to share her experience with a guy she thinks had low self-esteem and so couldn't handle a relationship.

"I almost dated some guy some months ago but his low self-esteem was beyond incurable. If I tell you how much I gave this guy, you know and it was free money. Because you are going through stuff, borrowed money from someone and I am helping you out and all of that now transform to low self-esteem and I get all of was just really really sad because I felt like it was something that was gonna work, I liked the age, I loved the character but what I didn't like was that there was that low self-esteem and honesty I can't deal with that," she concluded.

So guys on a lighter note, if you have any single friend or brother that you are not using again (IfuEnnada's words) buzz her so you could set up a date with her. Ifuennada also got to talk about the recent fracas between fans of former housemates and how she joined in appealing for these guys to call a truce.

Former housemates call for truce between Cee-C and Alex

Social media went into a frenzy a few weeks ago when a non-fan threatened to pour acid on Cee-C, now former housemates are coming out to call for a truce between Cee-C and Alex.

According to a former housemate, Princess who took to her Instagram page on Tuesday, August 7, 2018, she called on Alex and Cee-C to call their fans to order as these threats are actually real. She also said that the law enforcement agencies should be informed about the acid bath threat.

Another housemate who also appealed to the warring factions to end their rift and call their fans to order is Ifuennada. In a very long message posted on her Instagram page, she revealed the times Alex had gotten threats from fans of Cee-c. She went on to write about the times she has tried to broker peace between these women.

Non-fan threatens to pour acid on Cee-C

About a month ago, a stranger threatened to pour acid on Cee-C. The anger and unknown person sent a mail to Cee-C where it was stated that she allegedly pays people to troll former housemates, Tobi and Alex. Then the non-fan went to write about how Cee-c should expect an acid bath when next she is spotted.

"Since you won't tell your fellow bitter fans to stop trolling Alex and Tobi. I will teach a lesson you will never forget in your miserable life. You are a bitter short witch. Tobi has moved on from you. U should do the same. It's not by force. You pay people to troll them every day. I know where you live and I will fuck you up. Be prepared. Anywhere I see u, I'm going to pour acid on Ur face. As a scar, you will never forget in your life. I won't kill you but I will bath your face with acid," the message read.

The third edition of the reality tv show, Big Brother Naija started in January 2018 with 20 housemates taking part in it. At the end of the 85 days stay in the house, Miracle emerged as the winner of the show.