Gwen Stefani got mighty lucky in her divorce, thanks to her former husband, Gavin Rossdale, who has gone on record with the judge in his decision to walk away from millions of money, to which he has has legal entitlement.

The pair agreed a settlement which was only recently filed with the court. Close sources reveal that Gavin has said yes to a lopsided split of property in Gwen favour.

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According to TMZ, the couple who had been together in marriage for 13 years did not have a prenup, so under California Laws, Gavin was entitled to 50% of everything acquired during the marriage.

However, Gavin elected not to press for a large chunk of the money the blonde artiste made from concert and record sales.

It is also understood that Gavin is not asking for child support, and the couple have agreed to a 50/50 joint custody arrangement.

All that's left for the agreement to become legal, is for the judge to sign off on the settlement, which is believed to be only a matter of formality.