In 2011 I saw a legendary Nigerian singer (name withheld) ‘codedly’ hook up with a groupie at a nightclub.

It was the after party of a popular music award ceremony and the singer was enjoying the night after picking up a couple of awards. While in the V.I.P the seasoned singer made eye contact to a groupie that was partying with her friend.

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After grooving in the club for a couple of hours the singer got up and the groupie with her friend followed him. What happened next is left to your imagination. In the entertainment industry this scenario is not unusual. Sex and fame go together, they are co-joined.

Superstars, rock stars, big actors have sex thrown at them more than the regular. This is one reason why famous people find it hard to stay in monogamous relationships.

There are women who have made it their sole purpose to be with superstars because they want to have a bit of their fame. They lust for the good life. Their trademark is to have sex with these stars so that they can be part of their lives.

Groupies- these are women who offer their bodies to superstars, actors and rock stars. They litter the halls of hotel rooms and hang out at celebrity events.

The term ‘groupie’ originated in the mid 60s and was synonymous with the rock and roll genre. However groupies have spread across genres and several aspects of entertainment since then.

Groupies have been in Nigeria since probably the 70s. Today the groupie culture in Nigeria is very, very serious. There are tons of women out here in Nigeria that are knee deep in the groupie culture.

A top star like Wizkid probably has 20-30 groupies he can call up at anytime. Even a D-list celebrity has like 3 chicks who are his groupies. The groupie culture is at the maximum now no doubt but there has been a shift in it recently.

Back in the day groupies had an unofficial ‘oath of silence’. A groupie could be with tons of celebrities back then and she won’t say a single thing. Groupies back then didn’t disclose anything. They were satisfied with just being with their favourite celebs. They had their lips sealed.

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Groupies of today have flipped the script. They expose the celebrities they sleep with and don’t care about the consequences. The first groupie to do this is the American Karrine Steffans popularly known as Supahead.

In 2005 Karrine Steffans who was a notorious groupie released her first book ‘’. In her book Karrine Steffans wrote about the rappers she had been with such as Ja Rule, DMX, Puff Daddy, Jay Z and others. Her confessions shook Hip Hop.

Since then groupies no longer feel bound to keep quiet about the celebrities they have slept with. The first Nigerian celebrity to be exposed by a groupie was Davido.

In 2012 Davido was caught in a sex scandal when a young woman named Sonia La Bomb shared photos of them in bed via her Twitter account. It was a shocking revelation that tingled the spine of the industry. Since then other Nigerian stars have been caught up in the groupie drama.

Unlike what happens in America where groupies are now female entrepreneurs, most Nigerian groupies haven’t transformed their lives into something a bit more meaningful.

Fame will always be attractive therefore we will always have groupies. One day we shouldn't be shocked when a groupie decides to expose the celebs she has been with.