On Sunday January 25, 2015 popular celebrity gossip blogger Linda Ikeji posted on her blog that Funke Akindele posted a photo on Instagram dissing Toyin Aimakhu about her 'failed' marriage.

According to Linda Ikeji, there has been beef between the two actresses. It all began with Toyin dissing someone who is believed to be Funke Akindele on Twitter. After stories of Toyin's marriage crash Funke Akindele shared a photo on Instagram which Linda perceived to be Funke shaming Toyin.

Funke Akindele later took the photo down however alerted her lawyers who filed a lawsuit demanding Linda Ikeji to apologize to Funke Akindele on the grounds of defamation of character as well as total retraction of the false story.

More than 24 hours after, as stated my Funke Akindele's legal team, Linda Ikeji seems to have called her bluff as the post has not been taken down.