OAP Daddy Freeze has waded into RCCG General Overseer Pastor Adeboyes controversial statement today, August 8, 2016.

Recall that two weeks ago, Pastor Adeboye at a Youth conference  shared a sermon that got social media agog. According to him, sex is not food and shouldn't be everyday and a woman must know how to cook and pray as one of the criteria for marriage.

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Daddy Freeze has however weighed in on the trending topic. He took to his website writing,

"The only part of the message I agree 100% with, is that no one should marry a man or woman who can’t pray for 1 hour straight. The bible instructs us in the book of 1st Thessalonian chapter 5 verse 17 to “pray without ceasing”. In as much as we like to operate under the assumption that we control our own lives, in my opinion, the greatest part of our lives is controlled by external forces."

“When life happens during your race, you will need a sufficient amount of grace!”~FRZ

"This Grace can only be received through ceaseless prayer!

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Talking about marrying a woman that cannot cook is another kettle of fish entirely, as I do not see why this is a criteria for marriage in 2016. If your woman can’t cook you have many options which include teaching her, hiring a cook, cooking your own meals or eating out and each has its own distinct and enjoyable flavour. Imagine serving your woman a meal in bed on a Saturday morning, she would gladly retaliate with a favor ‘wink’.

About marrying a man that has a job I can’t disagree more, especially coming from a man of God who is supposed to preach faith and grace as against logic. With the present state of the Nigerian economy, in my own opinion, at least 10% percent of couples will experience job losses within one week of marriage, considering the way companies are laying off staff. A friend of mine lost his job the 3rd day after his wedding, and another friend lost his job 2 days before his first son was born. So why place so much emphasis on having a job, when there is hardly any job security in Nigeria, and you could lose that job in a heartbeat! So the wife of my friend who lost his job 3 days after their wedding should file for a divorce?"

"Another thing I heard that Daddy allegedly said was that anyone who wanted sex every day should come for deliverance. It’s much easier for a man in his 70s to preach this, and as I turned 40 this year it’s a bit easier for me to understand. However, I would have walked out on anyone trying to preach this to me at 31 as it meant setting myself up for fornication since my woman would probably say “Daddy said it’s not food so it’s not every day”

The bible is very clear on this, as it states in the book of 1st Corinthians chapter 7 verse 4, that “The wife does not have authority over her own body but yields it to her husband. In the same way, the husband doesn’t have authority over his own body but yields it to his wife”

Therefore, refusing your spouse sex is dangerous and is not supported by God, as it can lead to adultery which has more serious consequences than daily sex. I hear that there are some tribes in Nigeria that if you marry from, and cannot satisfy daily, you dig the grave of that union with your own hands.

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Everyone is physically different, therefore our needs for sex differ.

In my humble opinion, sexual compatibility is of a far greater relevance to a successful marriage than sexual frequency.

Therefore, my advice is; choose your spouse wisely, while in constant prayer, as being single is miles better than being in a bad marriage! ~FRZ"