The controversial Cool FM OAP took to Instagram today, Thursday, April 28, 2016 saying Tee Billz account was probably hacked.

He gushed over how the manager was a great and amazing guy who is very much in love with his wife and would never stoop so low to writing such.

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He wrote, "This is not the Tunji I know. The one I know is the most wonderful person on earth and if there is anyone I owe a Favour Tunji is that one person. I remember when I returned from California in 2013, I had become the first Nigerian to win the prestigious Nickelodeon KCA and it seemed a bigger deal to Tunji than even to me that won the award. He had on my behalf reached out to the press to celebrate this achievement which he described as 'major' in his own words, without me asking.

Then I had my public meltdown when my previous relationship failed and he along with @aimakhutoyin were the first people to reach out to me to console me and my respect for him grew. Then there was this one time, on Saint Valentine's day, when Lagos seemed to have run out of flowers and I remembered that @thepoloavenue had an event the night before and they had the most breathtaking white roses I had ever seen.

I went over to get some of the flowers for bae and lo and behold Tee Billz was there with similar intentions. I saw him as the most romantic husband and lover. In the same vein, when speaking to Tiwa during an interview on @coolfmlagos she was all over him. Purring like a cat at each mention of his name.

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I am still hoping an announcement will be made that his account was hacked... However, if at all the rumor turns out to be true, I implore each and everyone of us not to judge them, instead, let's keep them in our prayers. #BeautifulCouple #BeautifulPeople"

The entertainment industry woke up this morning to find some disturbing messages about Tiwa Savage shared by her husband on his Instagram page.

He also made claims that Tiwa Savage has been mentally torturing him. "Lord knows I tried. I have been mentally tortured by my the woman I gave everything to. I'm not perfect but I'm far away from being the best husband. Because when I dint have you paid bills and you took my man hood away. You have thrown my clothes out of the house more than 5 times because of the love I have for you I still take it and because of Jamil. I don't want to go through divorce like my father that has been Married 4times. Your mother humiliated so much that I dint care" wrote Tee Billz.

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ended his rant with a disturbing note. "I'm sorry i must have disappointed you guys . I just dint have the strength to fight this battle any more. May God Forgive me and accept my soul in peace."

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