Yesterday, Tuesday, March 22, 2016, Belgium was rocked to its feet after multiple explosions at the Brussels airport and Metro station left at least 30 people dead, and scores wounded.

Not long after the sad news took over headlines, popular Nigerian prophet, TB Joshua, however claims he had predicted the tragedy.

The message shared on Emmanuel TV, January 31, 2016, saw the prophet say ‘is not yet over’ for a ‘French Country’. “These evil people are in town. The people they chased out, there are some that are still there. They want to strike back.”

“They have to sit tight,” TB Joshua continues, saying that the alleged attackers are “looking for every opportunity for assembly – assembly of people, to launch. They will blow a lot of people die.”

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But OAP Daddy Freeze is not buying into the prophesies.

He wrote, “Baba, leave story you didn’t predict jack!” Daddy Freeze said, adding, “Northern French country ko, southern Portuguese country ni! Shior!!!”

“Your so called prediction killed about 30 while in your own backyard 116 were killed???? Baba, leave this one and go and predict #SureBet make boys hammer!”.

This is not the first time the OAP would be tackling the popular prophet and calling people out.

A while back, Freeze called out Nigeria’s justice system for treating TB Joshua like royalty after his building collapse led to the death of over a 100 people, while the Lekki Gardens MD was cuffed and remanded in prison following the collapse of one of his structures.

Watch TB Joshua battle Lucifer below.