96.9 Cool FM on-air personality, Freeze, has criticized Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, calling him a 'complete eyesore'.

Freeze condemned Fatoyinbo for his lavish lifestyle and also blamed him for misleading his followers.

The presenter visited the story concerning Ese Walters, who confessed to having an affair with the COZA pastor.

He said, "South African pastor takes a selfie in heaven!  Nigeria is coming to this....... Slowly but surely.  I read with pain in my heart the story that Ese nee Walter who happens to be a close friend's wife, has stopped believing in GOD."

"And I cannot but cast my mind to her ordeal in the hands of a so called man of God! Her husband gave me his version of the story. I had worked with him for ten years and I have never known him to cook up tales. "

"After being abused by a so called man of God, Ese initially lost her trust and now her faith. And then Nigeria blames her, calling her all sorts of names!"

"What about the man who led her astray? I saw him at the airport the other day he was dressed from head to toe in monogrammed Gucci and Louis Vouitton."

"He was a patchwork of 'G' 'LV' G' 'LV' G' 'LV' G' 'LV' G' 'LV' 'G' 'LV' G' 'LV' G' 'LV' G' 'LV' G' 'LV' 'G' 'LV' G' 'LV' G' 'LV' G' 'LV' G' 'LV' 'G' 'LV' G' 'LV' G' 'LV' G' 'LV' G' 'LV' 'G' 'LV' G' 'LV' G' 'LV' G' 'LV' G' 'LV' a complete eyesore this man was."

"With the way he was dressed, his lavish parties and cars combined with what happened to Ese, I won't trust him to sweep my compound yet some people call him pastor #SMH!"

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This sort of outburst has been the trend for Freeze, who has been able to lend his voice on major social subjects affecting the lives of Nigerians.

He has become more of a social critic than a radio presenter in recent times. See a news about the presenter below.