Forget for a second that the contemporary Highlife singer likes stripping to his boxers at every given opportunity and focus on his star power.

Flavour whose real names are Chinedu Okoli is one of the biggest and most famous music stars in Nigeria. The singer was in Mali on Saturday, April 9, 2016 for a show. Women were screaming and crying when he got on stage. That's the kind of power he has.

Flavour is as popular as Davido in Africa and two years ago he was as popular Wizkid in the continent. The singer might not have songs slamming in Lagos night clubs but he is very popular.

What makes Flavour tick despite his very low profile in the media and in the public. We can break down the secret of Flavour’s success to four key things.

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What makes Flavour tick first of all is his talent. In the genre of contemporary Highlife Flavour is the absolute best. The crossover of contemporary Highlife music into the mainstream is largely because of Flavour. He has scored so many hits that have become anthems. The richness of his music cuts across gender and age. That’s why he is a giant in the entertainment industry.

Moving past his talent Flavour is such a big deal because of his physique. He has worked so hard on his physique, always hitting the gym and doing exercises. From a lanky singer in Enugu Flavour has morphed into a ripped singing sensation with tattoos all over his body. This is one of the reasons why ladies love him, his body.

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Flavour also has sex appeal. Women, old or young lust after him. He knows he has huge sex appeal and plays this card regularly by sharing steamy photos of himself on Instagram. Yesterday (Monday, April 11, 2016) Flavour shared yet another ‘hot’ photo for the ladies. He looks nude in the photo and covers himself with a guitar. “Good evening Lagos #ijele nwoke umunze na ekene” he captioned the photo. The award winning singer uses his sex appeal to the maximum to keep his name out there.

The last thing in Flavour’s celebrity DNA is the air of mystery around him. Many of his fans do not know much about him. Flavour used to perform at cemeteries and had to endure a lot of hardship before he made it. Many people do not know his origins or much about his past. This helps make his mysterious. He also doesn’t do much press. This is why he is not over exposed.

So Flavour is more than dreadlocks and singing. He has a lot more in his arsenal that makes him tick.