Fetty Wap is definitely making wishes come true with this latest act of benevolence.

According to TMZ, the rapper allegedly splurged $8000 on a Yamaha YZ125 to bring the dreams of the young man to life according to the gossip site.

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The duo first met a few months back when he came to Baltimore to ride dirt bikes with his crew.

Meanwhile, Wap is also a lover of bikes. Recall that the singer shattered his leg in a motorcycle accident last year.

However, this is not the first time Fetty Wap will be giving back to kids.

Back in April, he gave money to a group of kids washing windows so they didn’t have to wash windows the rest of the day.

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In 2015, American rapper Fetty Wap shot up the charts with his rhythmic and infectious single ‘Trap Queen’.  He followed the ride-or-die song with follow up singles such as ‘679’ and ‘My Way’ which were relatively successful.

With three hit singles in a row, Fetty Wap became the latest Hip Hop star produced from the shores of America.