The afrobeat singer also wondered why the professor had a green card in the first place.

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During a recent interview with The Net, when asked his opinion on the issue, Femi said, “He should quickly tear it.

“My question is why does he have a green card in the first place?

“Africa is so beautiful, look at our landscape; there is so much to see in Africa.”

Femi also expressed wonder over the fact that so many Nigerians took the American presidential elections to heart.

The way he sees it, the outcome of the elections has nothing to do with him or the average Nigerian.

The Nobel Laureate has come under fire in the one week since Republican candidate, Trump, took everyone by surprise in winning the elections.

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Many have called on Soyinka to tear the green card as promised but he insists that he would not be bullied into it, and that he planned to do it at his own pace.