Fally Ipupa has a strong opinion about African women because he has the right to do so.

Being someone who travels the world to perform on different stages in front of different audiences, the DR Congo star says all African women are different but are sexy!

"African women are very sexy," Fally told Pulse TV in Lagos. "They may have different languages and cultures but are all very sexy women."

When it came to differentiating the Nigerian girl from the Congolese ladies, Fally revealed:

"I prefer every African woman. Congolese women are very sexy, tender and when she speaks nice things in ' asking what she should cook for you, do for you, its very sexy."

"Nigeria babes are also very sexy especially when they speak in Nigerian pidgin saying, 'Baby how far na?' That is also very sexy", Fally giggled.

Since he spoke only about African black women being sexy, we put him into a test asking if white ladies are not in the run of being sexy too.

"White women are also very sexy but like my brother, Tuface Idibia, sand 'African Queen'..." He laughed

"But on a serious note, white girls are sexy too. There are white sexy women in South Africa and they are very cool" he conclude.

So what do you guys think: Black or White African women, who is sexier?