Fally Ipupa is ready to take his career into the next level and he means establishing his name into the world of fashion!

The Congolese music star will launch his new clothing line called 'Fally Ipupa Clothing Line' this year and says it was inspired by his love for clothes,

'I'm a fashion addict', he told Pulse TV in Lagos (January 9), 'I love clothes and clothes love me too,' he added.

Fally is currently working on two clothing lines including the 'Market Vie' which will be launched sometime next year and says,

'The new collection for the Fally Ipupa Clothing Line will come out 2015 and its for both genders . Men casual chic and classy outfits while there will be bomb shorts for women and lingerie.'

On his taste for lingerie colors, the "L'Original" crooner confessed he loves red and/or black.

'I love red or black underwear on ladies. I think it's very sexy,' he even asked our VJ, Joan what color of panties was she wearing at the time of the chat.

Fally's new self-titled clothing line will be launched in four major cities including: Paris, Kinshasa, Lagos and Johannesburg.