Ms. Ezinne Akudo who is the former Miss Nigeria 2013 has started her Youth Service.

The beauty queen shared a photo of herself at an undisclosed National Youth Service camp. She is currently undergoing orientation for three weeks at this camp. Ezinne Akudo captioned the picture “Just because...... #serveFatherLand.”

Her Youth Service will last for a year according to the Nigerian law that makes it mandatory for graduates to join the National Youth Service Corps for a year.

On October 20, Ezinne Akudo was called to the bar.

Ezinne Akudo became Miss Nigeria in July, 2013. Along with her title she won a cash prize of N3 Million, with a brand new car. She also got a one year stay at a luxury apartment, with an all-expense paid trip to California.

She officially launched a Rape Crisis Center under her NGO The Eight Foundation on March 23, 2015.