Emma Nyra got into a tweet fight with celebrity blogger/fashionista Noble Igwe over an article written by someone else on his fashion blog called Style Vitae. The article was called 'Celebs Who Could Do With Some Help With Their Style In 2015' and Emma Nyra was mentioned.

The ‘for my matter’ singer went on the offensive and attacked Noble Igwe saying

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“I think it's ridiculous the amount of negativity I read online everyday about female artistes. You could never imagine what it feels like. You hide behind the comfort of your social media accounts and attack good women everyday! Sure everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But where is the positivity? The encouragement?  The support?  No where to be found smh until it's time to ask for a favor right? I will never apologize for being so passionate about uplifting women. But first women should praise and love themselves. It's so important!. instead of highlighting female success, this is what you choose to do? 0 support from day one. Smh”

Noble calmly replied saying:

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Lets examine this issue.

For starters, Emma Nyra's anger is misdirected and unnecessary because:

1. Noble Igwe did not even write the article.

2. The Style Vitae writer 'Nims' has a valid point about Emma considering hiring a full time stylish because Dear Emma Nyra , not every time wear a cleavage revealing outfit. Also, on the long run 'Nims' may have done a good deed, getting a stylist will greatly improve Emma's red carpet looks.

3. Lastly, Emma failed to realize that Style Vitae is a fashion blog, not a music critique blog. Her music was not spoken off, just her style and she went on and made it personal, lashing out at Noble for not supporting her career which is totally not the point.