Eku Edewor and This Day have been on the receiving end of criticisms online because of the magazine's style photoshoot.

Titled '', the series of photos of photo shoot depicts Eku Edewor as an affluent woman standing by the beach, with black servants behind her. One of the young black servants places an umbrella over head, while the others are holding her luggage.

The photo shoot also features rapper Lynxxx, but it is the pictures with Eku Edewor that have raised eyebrows.

A lot of people who have viewed the pictures say the pictures hint at slavery, and racism. "There IS something wrong with the picture, in the historical context of things. It is pictures like this that propagate the idea of white being superior, the ‘mistress’ or ‘master’ to be ‘served’, and black being the ‘slave’ or the ‘servant’" wrote Ola on Bella Naija.

"No. I'm not a "hater".I dnt want Eku's job. It is not "beef".We as Africans shld NOT tolerate these depictions in 2015" wrote LadyMacbethh89 on Twitter.

@he_is_dope questioned why a dark skinned woman wasn't used for the shoot. "Why can't a black woman be under the umbrella and then the white boys carry the boxes for a change?"

Eku Edewor and ThisDay Style have yet to respond to the negativity following the pictures.

Eku Edewor who is the co-host of Pepsi Top Ten countdown show. She is of British-Nigerian heritage.