So, yesterday, July 21, 2016, actress Ebube Nwagbo in the spirit of throwback shared a photo of herself back in the university. Looking plump and radiant, several fans commended the actress for maintaining her skin colour and still looking younger than ever.

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However, an Internet troll was having none of it and called the actress out for not retaining her 'fleshiness'. "You were sweeter than you are now, you were fleshy and thick but now, fashion has made you gone slim and ugly, " she wrote.

Ebube having none of it replied, "Dear madam, you have no right to call me or anybody created by God Ugly!!! No, I'm not skinny!!! No I'm not ugly!!! It's called growing up and leaving a healthy life style!! If you choose to be fat. Your choice and not my damn business... So back off!!!! thanks."

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Here's how it all went down:

This is not the first time the actress would be shutting down a troll on social media. She shaded a troll who called her a witch early this year.

Apparently Ebube had shared a photo of herself with heavy make-up done and an Instagram user with the handle @hayford_omo_kuti called her a witch.

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Ebube having none of it replied him by saying, "Oh really???It takes one witch to know another..Pls could u help me find my way back???Anuofia."

She also took time to reply other negative comments about her, making it clear she will take no negativity on her page.