Yes guys, by now you all know that Drake has got a baby mama, Sophie Brussaux and shes probably the most talked about woman on social media at the moment.

When the news first broke about Drake having a baby mama with a seven-month-old son, it shocked everyone. For some, it was like losing the last digit to a winning lottery ticket while for others, it didn't bother them.

Here is all you need to know about the alleged woman who won Drake's heart maybe for a year or less.

1. She use to be an adult movie actor

Sophie Brussuax use to be an actor not in Hollywood but in those special movies better known as adult movies. You shouldn't  be surprised because she obviously has all the assets to be a porn movie star. And if you are wondering what her fictitious name was, then imagine being called 'Rosee Divine,' priceless!

2. She's a damn good artist

Ok guys, Sophie after her span as an adult movie star, took up to her calling which is painting. Surprised? Yes Sophie Brussuax is an amazing painter and has a number of credible jobs to her credit. Thumbs up!

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3. When she first met Drake

Sophie Brussaux was first spotted with Drake and his friends back in January, 2017 grabbing lunch and they looked comfortable together. It isn't clear how the relationship ended but over the short period of time there were seen together, it looked like Drake had found love (Yet right).

4. She gave birth to her son in 2017

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After her not so long relationship with Drake, the beautiful artist gave birth to a bouncing baby boy in October 2017. In a number of photos posted on Instagram, Sophie shared the moments from her baby shower where was looking almost due and still gorgeous.

5. She is a 1990s baby

Sophie is still very young at heart and body as she was born in 1990. Even though not so much was known about her until the last 48 hours, she has become one of the most talked about women around. The pressure might have gotten to her that she has put her Instagram page under lock and key.