Mavin artiste Dija has finally showed off her husband, Rotimis, face.

With the caption, "2015 I became a wife, 2016 I became a mother. 2017 we are all alive and well and ready to kick ass," she shared to her 1million followers.

In an exclusive interview with LIB, Hadiza Salma Blell shared the reasons why she had a secret wedding to her husband Rotimi.

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"It was very intimate and it was also in my home town, Kaduna, so it’s kind of hard to get people to come over there and then Kaduna is not as ‘Noisy’ as Lagos.

"So anything like that could be probably called low key. I just don’t translate them into being posted on my page. And I guess in the ‘Post it’ ‘Tweet it’ world; you almost kind of look abnormal if you don’t

"But it’s not like am going out of my way not to, i guess it’s just not in my character to do it all the time, but I'm also getting better at my Instagram. "

Di'ja explained that she keeps most of her family life, especially when it comes to her husband, to herself, not to be secretive but because that's the kind of person she is.

But it seems like she already has a change of mind!

She even proves this by sharing the occasional photo of herself and her adorable baby boy.

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As earlier reported, Di'ja revealed the news of her marriage and delivery via an animated video she shared via her Instagram page back in July, 2016, leaving many shocked.