Cameroonian singer Dencia has blasted NBA star Lamar Odom as he is recovering from a drug overdose that nearly took his life.

Yesterday Dencia who is the brain behind the skin lightening cream ‘’, said she does not feel sorry for the former NBA champion.

See her tweets below;

Last week Dencia revealed how she had a breast cancer scare at the age of 13.

“I am 13 thinking how the fuck do I have this in my breast. Needless to say waking up to 3 major surgeries & wouldn't be able to talk for 3 months & bleeding all over wasn't fun but my issues might have ended physically but the emotional torture was on its way.

“I am 13 living in Africa,I did a lot of research and realized all I needed to do was checkup & make sure I was untop of my exams, mammograms and all the not so fun but necessary things.I still wear the scar from that cyst,it's a big Ass scar that i am still trying to get rid it off 10+ yrs later but every time I look at it I am reminded Of how lucky I am to have caught that big ass cyst, lucky to have a grandma who was untop of it all” she wrote on Instagram.

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