At the beginning of March 2015, it became clear to the whole world that HKN Gang pop artist Davido is in love.

He began to drop hints via his Instagram page, showing off a beautiful girl from Guinea whose name was found out to be Sira Kante.

According Bella Naija, 19-year-old Sira and 22-year-old Davido started their love when she was cast in a music video in November 2014 for featuring DJ Arafat. Rocking an ombre bob in the video, Davido noticed her and struck up a conversation.

The two of them exchanged numbers and here they are today, happily in love.

They recently decided to make their relationship public (hence Davido’s posts) but they have been going steady for a while.

Sira Kante reportedly  graduated from high school in 2014 and her older sister, Diessou Kante, celebrated her 21st birthday recently.

For Diessou’s birthday, Davido showed up in Brooklyn, New York, with his crew to spend some time with Sira & her sister and after that he flew them out to Miami for a grand time.