Buhari and GEJ are not the only men in Nigeria who want to run for president. Nigerian pop star Davido is also interested in running the country...... some day.HKN Gang leading artiste Davido Adeleke was asked on MTV Base’s Choose or Lose Vox Pop, about the upcoming February polls and he responded saying "Yes I’m voting, I want my voice to be heard, there’s no point in complaining if you are not going to vote".

Starting in 2014, several Nigerian entertainers declared their intentions to run for various political offices such as Kate Henshaw, 9ice, Tony Tetuila. When Davido was asked his which celebrity he would like to rule the country, he immediately declared himself. "I think I’m good enough to be president, because it’s me, I want to be the president"

His short campaign speech included a sneek peek into the good work he would do if he was president for just a day which included fixing the bad road as well as fixing up the currency and according to him 'as much as he can do in a day'.

Davido believes that Nigerian youths in positions of government  will lead to provision of better roads, a cleaner environment and better structured cities .

Do you trust that Davido can be a president that will impact positive change?