During his City of Davido concert held in the month, the singer announced that he will be rewarding the fan's effort, protecting female guests who attended the show.

The pop star made good on his promise when he offered the amount to the protector. He reportedly invested part of the money in purchasing a tricycle he has already dedicated for commercial use.

For this reason, Davido was impressed. It is obvious in an Instagram post he shared on Wednesday, January 9, 2019.

Social media is not life

Earlier in the day, the singer cosy up to fans to interact on Twitter with the hashtag #AskDavido.

It proved one of the top discussions on the social media platform as it offered a room to get to know him. A follower 'noralyn_udorji' was curious about his relationship with girlfriend Chioma.

In the tweet, the fan asks, "are you still dating chioma". The singer intimated that she has been busy with a culinary show she is working on.