Davido has been an amazing boyfriend to his new girlfriend, Chioma so far and we are all loving the journey.

So you know, we've followed the story of these two lovebirds since Davido made their relationship public. We want to share with you five amazing things Davido has done for his girlfriend.

1. Taking her to a close family event

We all know when the buzz of the new relationship between Davido and then unknown Chioma began, fans, and followers were a bit confused about their actual status. It wasn't clear if they were actually dating or she was just one of his numerous ladies. Well, Davido took Chioma along to a private family event in and guys, that was the beginning of their beautiful love story and the narrative changed for both of them.

2. Going on tour with her

Sometimes, when musicians go on a music tour, they are accompanied by not girlfriends but by most times groupies or escorts but in the case of Davido, it was different in his recent tour. The music star kind off sent a signal to would be or self-acclaimed groupies that he won't be needing them as he had his girlfriend by his side. This singular gesture must have given Chioma the assurance that her place in Davido's heart was sealed.

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3. Trip to Barbados

Whenever lovebirds want to take time out to explore themselves together away from chaos and the crowd, they go on vacation trips. This was the case for Davido and Chioma as they both took time out of their busy schedule (Davido's busy schedule) to fly to the beautiful Island of Barbados. We got to see photos from the trip on Davido's Instagram stories with the couple exploring the beautiful island nation.

4. Lavish birthday party

We weren't expecting less when Davido decided to celebrate Chioma's birthday. It was a turnt up event as the music star shut down a nightclub just for his baby. Friends, well-wishers showed up at the club to celebrate with Chioma. The event was more like an engagement dinner as Davido announced that he was going to love her for the rest of his life! Wedding bells soon?

5. The N45M car

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Now, this was one move that broke the Internet! No not break the Internet, it shut it down! During Chioma's birthday dinner after the love professing, kissing videos, loud music, Davido took Chioma outside the venue of the party where he surprised her with a N45M Porshe car! Chioma was absolutely shocked and so were the people around and people of the world. When the video of the car gift went viral, we all know how social media went bonkers in a matter of minutes and some people haven't gotten over it.