Short who was served a temporary restraining order by his new wife, Karrine Steffans a few weeks ago, pleaded no contest to his felony assault charge in September 2015 which was a result of him knocking Fenton Hyche III unconscious, giving the victim a concussion and fractured eye socket in March 2014 and was ordered to pay him more than $14,000 in restitution to cover medical bills and lost wages.

He was sentenced to three years supervised probation, two months of community service and anger management counseling. He  has completed his anger management counselling while waiting to fulfill the terms of his community service.

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Judge Leslie E. Brown of the Los Angeles court has ordered the actor to appear him on May 9 to address the new charges of the failed drug tests.

Recall that Short addressed his drug use and drinking which led to his departure from Shonda Rhimes’ ABC hit series - "Scandal" on Access Hollywood in 2014.

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His lawyer, Ludlow B. Creary II stated that no further comment on it was necessary and believed his client’s legal problems are overblown.

He however hopes that Short will “complete his probation, and get on with his career.”

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