Would you buy Chris Brown's misplaced jail ID for ten thousand US Dollars?

According to TMZ.com, an ID has surfaced on-line from when the “Loyal” rapper was jailed in San Bernardino last April.

According to law enforcement officials, when Brown was released form rehab last April to go to Washington D.C. for an assault hearing, one his stops included the San Bernardino County jail. Brown was only there for about a day, but was still required to have a jail ID. When he left, the ID was left behind.

That same ID appeared for sale on-line for $10,000.

The singer’s lawyer, Mark Geragos immediately hinted the San Bernardino’s sheriff department who then launched an investigation to discover how the ID left the premises.

The Sheriff’s department now claims they seized the ID and tracked the guy down who lives locally and claims he got the card from a friend of a friend. The Sheriff’s department is now investigating whether any actual crime has been committed.

Questions like, how did the ID card leave the premises has not been answered likewise, what exactly can someone even do with a jail ID?