Chris Brown's bodyguard could be in a lot of trouble after allegedly beating up a female fan at a Vegas party. Reports say she's currently hospitalized from the incident.

Jakaria, who is a 28-year-old insurance agent, tells TMZ that she was hanging with Brown and his crew early Sunday [November 1] at Palms Casino Resort. She says everyone had to leave their phones with his security, and when she went to pick up her 2 phones, his team thought she was trying to steal someone else's.

That's when Jakaria says Brown's security guard became violent, grabbing her by the hair, shaking her around and throwing her to the ground. She says the guard tried to stomp on her but someone mercifully stepped in.

She further adds that she got home but realized she was in bad shape so she called an ambulance. Doctors told her she had whiplash.

According to the site, police are looking into her case and have taken a battery report to find out what exactly happened.