It's over Rihanna, Chris Brown has officially pronounced his on-an-off companion, Karrueche Tran as his girlfriend!

The “Loyal” singer called Tran, “my girl” in a new interview with The Breakfast Show Powerhouse 105.1FM, Thursday Oct. 31.

Describing his new facial beauty swag on the show, Brown told the hosts, it was Karrueche's idea to change his look for a bit,

“My girl came up with this design so she said I should try something different and I thought it was great..She is my girl”.

Addressing the rumors that him and Tran are trying to make a baby, Breezy said he is ready to have a child with Tran because she's a keeper but admitted that Tran isn't!

"I'm kinda back and forth with it...u know I am 25 so if it happens it will be great...I am not trying to not make one but at the end of the day if it happens, it happens."

About whether he is ready to be a dad, Brown responded: "I need something to calm me down and give me focus...However Tran isn't ready... she ain't trying to trap me with a baby...I give her enough headache so she has alot to deal with already."

How about does he feel awkward being in the same area with his famous ex Rihanna, Breezy admitted its in his past and he's ready to move on. But if they meet he'll say hi eventhough the media will try to get something out of that!

Watch his full interview with Power 105.1FM.