Chris Brown has been named in the assault of a woman who alleges that she was physically thrown out of Brown's tour bus, which was parked outside of a strip club in Denver, where he, Fetty Wap, and French Montana shot a music video on Monday, September 14.

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The woman also claims she was booted from the bus and her phone was broken because she brought the device on the vehicle after being warned not to by Brown and his people, who didn’t want anything secretly recorded or photographed.

The unidentified woman filed a third-degree assault report, and the police say Brown and some people on his bus are currently being investigated as "persons of interest," according to TMZ. The site has surveillance footage from the parking lot outside of Platinum 84, which shows the upset woman getting off the bus and having her phone tossed onto the ground.

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The police want to talk to Brown and his people about the incident. He hasn't been charged with anything at this point, but the timing could not be worse for the singer.

Brown is currently in the midst of a custody battlewith his daughter Royalty’s mama baby, Nia Guzman, who’s alleging the singer and the people with whom he surrounds himself are not a good influence on the baby girl.