Chimamanda Adichies

Eunice Atuejide, the founder of the National Interest Party was on an interview with Cool FM's Daddy Freeze. In their conversation she talked about not subscribing to the idea of feminism and the threat the writer poses.

"I think she is an extremist and sometimes misleading a lot of our girls. There are actually few times when I actually agree with her but most of the times I'm like 'oh my God!' I hope our women don't necessarily take on too much of what she says because some of them might turn around and bite them in the bum," says Atuejide whose interest is centered more on having a functional society as opposed to fighting for women.

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The politician appears to prefer basing her concerns on general interests instead of gender. She expressed this during the interview.

"I am not a feminist. You won't find me insisting on certain things because I am a woman. I will give you reasons why it should come to me not because I am a woman."

In September, Chimamanda interacted with a group of youths in Lagos. A conversation about the backlash that follows her unique views came up. It breaks her heart that her mother got to read unpleasant opinion about her.

I felt close to tears. When I got back to Lagos and there is just all of this noise and apparently it’s just all of ugliness, people said to me: ‘they are writing public letters to you. They said you are a demon; that you want to break up marriages, all kinds of things. I felt. Let me be honest, that is the first time I really started to rethink how I felt about Nigeria.