Today on your favourite female celebrities showing off some skin, we have Chika Ike whos cleavage revealing outfit definitely set the Internet on fire.

Don't get it, twisted guys, Chike Ike wasn't wearing a bikini rather she appeared all classy on her Instagram page on Tuesday, October 2, 2018, looking all shades of hotness!!!

She obviously knew she was going to cause a commotion on social media and get guys to drown in her beauty as she went on to caption the photo with a unique but seductive quote "Women like you drown Oceans   ," she wrote.

Chika Ike's unarguably is one fine woman whose beauty and class can never go unnoticed even when she isn't even trying hard. A few months ago, Chike Ike shared some really raunchy bikini photos and she looked stunning!

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Chika Ike flaunts hot bikini body

Chika Ike took to her Instagram page on Tuesday, June 12, 2018, to share stunning bikini photos, flaunting her sexy body. She also shared photos rocking a playsuit and chilling in what seems to be a resort somewhere in the world.

We must say that pampering sure looks good on her. Seeing these photos, it must be hard to believe that Chika Ike once had body image issues and didn't really like her body.

In an Instagram post she shared on Monday, April 2, 2018, the actress talked about how she wasn't confident of her body during her teenage years and also got bullied and called all sort of names.