Chika Ike has a book out and it is majorly centered on her journey through life and also inspiring people to achieve their goals and aspirations.

'Boss Up' gives an overview of Chika Ike's life which was more like a grace to grass and then grace again. If you've ever read any motivational book and got really inspired to push to attain a certain level of success, then Chika Ike's book will give you a double dose of getting to that level.

Everything that would make someone break down in life happened to Chika Ike in this book but she was able to scale through. So guys, after reading this book, these are five things you should know about 'Boss Up.'

1. Grace to Grass

Chika Ike's determination to become successful was probably as a result of her early childhood. Growing up in a very comfortable middle-class family, Chika Ike had access to all the nice things every little child desired. The joy of living a pleasant lifestyle was however cut short after her father's business nose-dived. This however changed everything for the actress and her family.

She was able to share in details, how her family had to struggle for a while after her father's business collapsed; from moving into a bakery to losing their nannies, it was indeed a hard time for her family. Despite the abrupt end to a once luxurious lifestyle, her parents were still able to give her siblings and herself all that was needed to put on them right path.

2. Her fragile relationship with her father

It is said that most times, a woman's first love is her father because most times they share a very unique bond. However, that wasn't the case for Chike Ike. In the book, it was more like a cat and rat story. Chika Ike revealed how she noticed from the early stages her father's weird behaviour towards her. She felt he resented her. Despite her mother's several efforts to improve their relationship, it didn't work out.

In the book, Chika Ike confronted her mother after his death to understand why he didn't like her. After a shouting match, her mother told her how her father thought she would be a boy and when he realised that he didn't get what he wanted, he became hostile towards her. Her name Chikadibia (God is bigger than a soothsayer) was given to her after it a soothsayer who had told her father she was going to be a boy failed.

3. Getting cheated on twice and a failed marriage!

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In this book, Chika Ike opened up about her relationships. One might be surprised that a beautiful woman like Chika Ike would have any guy crawling at her feet. Well, one of her relationships ended after she found out that her boyfriend wasn't just cheating on her but with her friend who she housed for two years! Yep, shocking and like we would say these days, deep!

Chika Ike found love early when her acting career began to blossom and did whatever normal person would have done, get married. Well, it didn't take long before cracks began to show in the union as she experienced domestic violence in her matrimonial home. Chika Ike revealed in the book how she found out from a neighbour that her husband was having an affair with her best friend. The marriage however collapsed with the actress concentrating on her career.

4. Making her 1st million naira

This was one very interesting and exciting part of the book as the writer couldn't hide her joy when she began to hit success. She talked about her she saved a lot from her university days and even sold other items just to make sure she attained a millionaire status by 21! It didn't take long before she was able to actually achieve her set target.

After saving up N1M in the back, Chika Ike's desire to do more was born and even shared how she was able to accidentally bump into the opportunity to invest in real estate. From there, the sky became the starting point for her as she was able to establish other businesses which have today become success stories.

5. Getting swindled by a filmmaker

For Chika Ike, 'Boss Up' summed up all her experiences so far and how to handle every situation or problem that comes. She got to talk about how she got swindled by a filmmaker who mistook her generosity for naivety. According to her, he approached her for a loan to make a movie which she did out of goodwill.

With the filmmaker going missing in action when the due time for the repayment of the loan, Chika gave readers smart ways to handle situations like that. Guys, a few things that you would observe in this book is that Chika Ike has a great sense of humour and she does have a way with words. It is interesting to find a young woman who is passionate about her career and pursues to achieve set targets.

It is a nice book, readers would get inspired as there a lot of motivational quotes from famous writers. Maybe she should have used the word 'Boss Up' less in the book, but we get the point. For a first time writer, Chika Ike indeed showed us her other side we never knew existed and for that thumbs up.