Charlize Theron says women should quit envying 20-year-olds and start celebrating 'every age'.

In an interview with W magazine, the 39-year-old Hollywood sweetheart said:

''I think, like many women, I was judgmental toward women as they aged. Women, in our society, are compartmentalized so that we start to feel like we’re cut flowers and after a while we will wilt. I realize now that’s not the case - we can celebrate every age.”

The South African born star adds that every woman should ebrace old age with grace: ''That’s my encouragement to 20 year olds who are terrified of getting older: Don’t have a nervous breakdown and don’t hit the Chardonnay too hard. Getting older is not that bad.''

Charlize who is known for taking on difficult movie roles, is never afraid to change her appearance to suit the part, even though she is now the face of Christian Dior.

She shaves off her hair completely for her forthcoming role in the remake of the '80s action film 'Mad Max'

well, thanks to her three-year-old son, Jacskon, the actress admits she has changed her mind about what it means to be a woman.