Nigerian singer, CDQ has just revealed he doesnt mind if hes wife doesnt have culinary skills.

The rapper, real name Sodiq Abubakar Yusuf, while showing off his cooking skills on Accelerate TV‘s Day Pass made this revelation.

According to him, "I don’t see it as a criteria for a man to marry a woman. They say it’s tradition that a woman must know how to cook but the way I am though, I don’t mind. I don’t care whether she knows how to cook or not."

He also revealed that he used to be a backup dancer for Kaffy when he was in the university, but had to stop because it was affecting his grades.

CDQ recently dropped his album “Quality”. The album is done heavily in thick Yoruba and ghetto slangs. There’s an abundance of adlibs to make the entire project read off like a street-fest, with catcalls, psst, ‘woss’, and ‘oobi’ screamed in the background of whatever track is rolling through.