Carolyn Hutchings and Toyin Lawani drag each other on Twitter

May 28th 2022, 1:25:24 pm
Reality TV stars Toyin Lawani and Carolyn Hutchings [Instagram/TiannahPlaceEmpire] [Instagram/HRMCarolyn]

The socialites who are currently cast members of the popular reality TV show 'Real Housewives of Lagos' took to Twitter on Saturday, May 28, 2022, where they washed their dirty linens.

In a series of tweets, the reality TV stars and socialites called each other derogatory names as they spilled all the dirt from their former friendship.

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"Toyin make it make sense to me .. how do you know what ended my marriage when my marriage ended in 2016 and I stopped speaking with you in 2009 .. how can you be part of the break up when you never existed in it ?? Girl stop with the lies, you ain’t that relevant #RHOLagos," Danjuma tweeted.

"Yes, I told Chioma and Iyabo after I was told on the show you said shit about me. We all saw from episode 1 you had said shit about me one of the reasons Laura disliked me .. girl, this ex of yours was and is a married man. REST #RHOLagos."

"Your hatred for me is because I became friends with swanky and your relationship with the married man ended ( solely your fault ). Keep my name out your mouth Toyin. You know nothing about my marriage. Your accusations are laughable .. enjoy #RHOLagos."

Lawani also accused Hutchings of sleeping with her former partner which led to the end of their relationship.

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"Facts still remain, you slept with him, stop covering your tracks with lies and lie on your children we were not friends, you never slept on my bed, never cooked in my house, never cried on my shoulder and never grassed me out while I protected u," she tweeted.

"One day people will See you for the real devil that you are, you can blind social media, but you can’t blind God, swear on ur children if everything I said is a lie, then I will believe you, evil witch, I’m over the pain, but not over your lies, upon lies & no repentance."

Since the reality TV show kicked off, some of the housewives have fought each other on set and offset.

It would be recalled that Hutchings called out Laura Ikeji and her popular blogger sister, Linda over stories she wrote about her some years ago.

"Your sister was what? You can have a blog but don't hurt people. Part of the reasons my marriage broke was because of Linda,'' she said.

"I reached out to her, she did not care. Linda lied about my age, I reached out to her, and she did not care. Linda lied that my daughter was for another man, I reached out to her, and she did not care."

The Real Housewives of Lagos is a Nigerian reality television series showing on Showmax, starring Carolyna Hutchings, Laura Ikeji, Chioma Ikokwu, Toyin Lawani-Adebayo, Iyabo Ojo, and Mariam Timmer.


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