Caitlyn Jenner once said shes not ready to

The girls get together for dinner as they usually do but things take a saucy turn when the BFFs ended up passionately kissing.  But it's all for a dare as the duo are challenged to smooch by Ella Giselle who says she will only sing for the group if Caitlyn, 66, and Candis, 44, lock lips.

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In a preview clip for the E! show, Ella explains she's too insecure about her voice to sing for her friends. But when someone comes up with the idea of a trade-off, Ella agrees to showcase her talents if Caitlyn and Candis make-out.

"If you two kiss on the lips she'll sing," Caitlyn's assistant Courtney tells the duo.

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But the ladies sit awkwardly in silence having to think about the idea first. "You might as well use your lips, both of you have gorgeous lips, just like smack them together a little," Courtney adds.

"It's like a friendship cuddle, a lip snuggle," Ella says. "Think of it as like a dare, a fun, friendly dare."

Caitlyn then turns to Candis, leans in towards the glamorous blonde before going in for the kill - much to the delight of the group who squeal and applaud.

I Am Cait airs on E! at 9PM ET.