Burna Boy and his lookalike basketballer friend share close birthdays and other scary similarities

July 2nd 2022, 3:31:30 pm

Nigerian music superstar Burna Boy and NBA player Jae Crowder share some more scary similarities beyond their looks.

Burna Boy and Jae Crowder could pass as the same person

July 2nd marks the birthday of one of the biggest musicians in Nigerian history, Burna Boy and the tributes have deservedly been pouring in as he celebrated his 31st.

But a little-known fact is that four days after Damini Ogulu better known as Burna Boy was born in Port Harcourt, a young Jae Crowder was celebrating his 1st birthday in Georgia, USA.

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This fact would have been irrelevant if both toddlers hadn't grown into almost identical and more importantly, famous friends but that is exactly what Burna Boy and Jae Crowder did.

As we celebrate Burna Boy who was born on the 2nd of July 1991, four days later the world will celebrate Jae Crowder who was born on the 6th of July 1990.

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Add to that the fact that these two men are almost spitting images of each other, they both share similar physical features and facial structures and more pertinently similar hair styles and facial hair.

If Jae Crowder wasn't visibly taller (as you'd expect an NBA player to be) the pair would probably be able to pass as each other with only the keenest eyes noticing the difference.

These striking and borderline scary similarities are what brought these two together and ultimately formed the root of their friendship, making one think deeply about the world's connectivity.

It is unlikely that two children born on two separate continents, miles apart from each other would go on to be famous and successful enough to know each other and then become friends.

Jae Crowder as a basketball player has reached the highest level of his profession which is the NBA and that is what he is known for.

Same as Burna Boy who has smashed ceilings and records and currently sits at the peak of acrobats and world music, such incredible levels of success is what it took to bring these doppelgangers' path to cross.

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Thinking about it too much could lead to a headache, the Burna Boy and Jae Crowder story has too many moving parts and lends credence to the theory of the supernatural.

The safe thing to do is to just accept it as one of life's many mysteries and wish both men a happy birthday, more success and many more years of friendship.


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