Is Britney Spears trying to adopt a daughter? This is so not true.

According to In Touch magazine, the pop superstar has always wanted to have a daughter and recently decided she wants to adopt a girl child from China.

"She realized how much fun it would be," a source tells the mag. "Her dad, Jamie, isn’t supportive of the idea. Spears’ father would rather the singer focus on raising her sons, and because he manages all of her finances, she can’t adopt a child without his help. But she’s determined to bring home a baby."

But according to Gossip Cop, Spears is not planning to adopt a girl child and calls In Touch's reports "not true."

The gossip site goes on to slam the magazine for reporting many false stories about Spears… like the pop stars getting liposuction on her stomach few months ago. They also call out In Touch for an inaccurate report that alleged Spears was having a secret affair with Robin Thicke.