Bow Wow a.k.a Shad Moss is among the hundreds of fans who got confused over 90s R&B sensation, Mya, and her new strippers club gig last weekend.

According to reports, Mya sent the internet into a frenzy when she was spotted last weekend performing at a strip club called G5IVE in Miami, Florida. The 35-year-old gyrated across a stage speckles with dollar bils as she sang her song, "Moving On."

In a series of Facebook posts, Bow Wow mocked the Grammy winner, questioning if she's become a pole dancer now.

He joked: 'Mya is a stripper now? If not who advised that it was smart to perform and dance on the stripper stage.'

He then went on to say that if times were hard enough for her to resort to such shenanigans, she could’ve just borrowed the money.

'I can’t stop laughing at the video my homie sent me of Mya on the stripper stage dancing. I’m like why though? Haha Hell she coulda borrowed that 1500 performance fee from the local D boy if it was that serious.'

Also commenting beneath one performance clip, "Basketball Wives LA" star Brooke Bailey wrote: 'She looks so dumb!'

Later addressing her critics, Mya reportedly told NecoleBitchie:

'I am whatever I choose to be when I choose to be it. The joy of life. Live it. Been doin’ strip clubs, LGBT clubs, dance clubs, straight clubs, concerts, festivals since 1998 to date. I love all my fans and it don’t stop. Instagram generation is late as hell.'

What do you guys think?